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Pimplmini One (Nittaku)

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t3h anarchist
Saturday, 21 February 2009

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Type: medium to long pips

The Nittaku Pimplmini One pips rubber is the no sponge version of the famous pimplmini original. This is a rubber for close to table defenders who block and drive, as well choppers.. The difference with the pimplmini one and the regular is that the nonpresence of sponge makes the speed slower, and additionally makes the rubber more hardbat like, but its still a good trickiness. The control is great. The rubber is trickier than the original, because the speed and spin on the ball is always different and very awkward. Though, i do not actually like this one as the original. In my opinion, this pips is more for choppers.
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