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Speed Optimizer One (Butterfly)

Speed Optimizer One (Butterfly)

Finally there is a safe and easy to use product that produces true speed glue type effects when used with your current trusted table tennis rubber.
Don't let the new ITTF ban on glues force you to change your equipment or make difficult technical changes in your game. Butterfly Speed Optimizer One meets the new ITTF standards for VOC free products, produces extremely effective results, is simple to apply, leaves no oily residue and is completely safe when used properly.

Size: 150ml

- Apply to the sponge side only, can be repeated several times for stronger effect.
- Wait 12 hours after each aplication in order to let the optimizer liquid penetrate.
- Apply regular glue on both sponge and blade to affix the rubber.
- To reactivate, peel off the glue from the sponge and re-apply.
- Get a great effect for for many weeks, harmless with regards to your health.

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