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Persson Powerplay Senso (Donic)

Persson Powerplay Senso (Donic)

Fast 7-ply offensive blade made in Sweden that can be controlled even with normal training thanks to a special thin layer of foil.

The ex World Champion and 1996 European Champion has thoroughly tested the prototypes. After regular start up production Joergen began to play with the SENSO blade. We quote Joergen Persson: “ I always feel the ball, no matter if I hit it slowly or fast. SENSO gives you the absolute touch. The SENSO technology makes things much easier, since you get a prompt feedback from the ball.”Available only in the AN or FL grip.

The blade is available in two versions - V1 and V2. V1 offers optimum speed and V2 offers optimum control. The difference is in the position of the hollow space inside the handle.

Speed: 88
Control: 76
Weight: 85
Ply: 7

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