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Magna (Stiga)

Magna (Stiga)

Since the introduction of the 40-mm ball, many players around the World have found it difficult to generate a lot of spin. It is not difficult to produce a rubber sheet that can generate maximum spin, but then speed and/or control must be sacrificed. At STIGA we have been working on this major challenge for a long time, and we are very proud and happy to announce that we have finally succeeded!
We have developed a painstaking and high-tech special manufacturing method of producing a one layer rubber sheet with a seamless micro finish of natural rubber (Seamless Natural Rubber Finish Technology) on the rubber surface. By combining two new technologies we have found a way to produce a rubber sheet that offers increased speed, control and spin. Our revolutionary ACS technology has been extremely successful and popular allowing players to increase speed without sacrificing control. Now with the Seamless Natural Rubber Finish Technology, combined with ACS technology, STIGA MAGNA offers players increased spin as well as increased speed and control with maximum grip.
This technology will allow the player to achieve more spin in serves & service returns, dominate topspin against topspin rallies, and to better use and control his spin in all situations. Another great advantage with the Seamless Natural Rubber Finish Technology is that the fresh gluing effect lasts a lot longer. The unique combination of the Seamless Natural Rubber Finish rubber surface and the ACS sponge makes MAGNA the ideal rubber sheet for both fresh-gluers and non-gluers alike.

Speed: 93
Spin: 93
Control: 78

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